Camp Oneida

335 S Coast Dr. Nanticoke, ON N0A 1L0

We are bringing our adventure here again this year, we were part of the programing during the Arts and Extreme week. This camp serves folks from the Oxford/Brant/ Norfolk/Niagara/ Hamilton areas



"the Walnut in the Valley"

Thames Talbot Land Trust

4435 Hawk Cliff Rd, Union, ON

is putting on an event at Hawks Cliff park.

Tree Climbing Canada is joining the fun!


Saturday April 8, 2017
9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Metroland Media Agriplex,
Western Fair District
London, Ontario

243 Norfolk Street N, Simcoe, ON

Long Point Eco Adventures.
Its Here!  Come and climb with us

1730 Front Rd, St. Williams, ON N0E 1P0

Known for there zip line adventures and wine tasting experience.

We have been inviting out to host some tree climbing fun!

July 2nd and July 22nd, 2017 ( Introductions only)

August 12 and 13th ( group climb) With additional Introductions available.


Secret Ninja Climbs
Trained & experienced

These climbs take place incognito. Secret locations only revealed day or night of climb. At this point you have your own equipment and are willing to join others on club climbs or other organized climbs. These adventures may call upon your other skills such as map and compass work, night navigation and paddling.  Find the clue, locate the hidden Tree-o-cache, solve the a prize!

Halton Forest Festival

October 14, 2017

Say what?!  Oh yeah you heard us correctly.  We are currently in conversation with several organizations to offer tree climbing adventures and big tree tours. We are hoping to start offering these unforgettable experiences very soon!


We will  be offering these tours to all interested folks and be travelling with them to Vancouver Island,  Oregon, Northern California and Costa Rica in Central America!

Rooted  in Nature  Outdoor Family Festival-

546 Turkey Point Rd.  Turkey Point, Norfolk County

We will being climbing in a large forest White Oak.


August 14, 2017

Powerhouse Project! The Young Carers Initiative (YCI) is a non-profit agency with a mission to promote the wellbeing of Young Carers, their families and their ...

Fall into Nature

October 7th, 2017

ZZZ in the trees

yes...that right ZZZ's in trees...we will ascend into the canopy of a large tree and spend the night being rocked by the breeze. 


For one special night the world’s canopy & climbing community are uniting to sleep high in the trees and we’re inviting you to join in and raise money to purchase critically threatened rainforest through the World Land Trust.

wild climbs

What's a wild climb? We hike out into the unknown and locate a beautiful specimen to study and climb. This is a very unique experience. Expect to travel through undetermined terrian and wilderness. Our wild climbs last approx. 3-4 hours.

Radical Lines Aerial Adventure Park

Special event coming soon!

Please book online or call in advance.

Group climbs, private climbs and introductions are available by appointment only!




Pearce Williams Christian Centre

Peacekeeper Park

3684 Avon Drive.  Malahide, ON

We have access to about 30 acres of land here and have already "tamed" a beautiful Poplar known as "POPPY" (which was  nicknamed by the Girl Guides )  there for us to climb.

This is a wonderful place, put together in memory of fallen soldiers.

This is an extension of local conservation lands with Lake Whittaker near by.  If you are camping in nearby Kettle Creek Conservation Lands...let us know.


8009 Iona Rd, Fingal, ON N0L 1K0

 We would like to welcome Pearce Williams Christian Centre to our ever growing list of potential sites to climb.  These folks have amazing facilities on site and includes 180 acres of fun.  We have selected several trees on this property to inspect and climb including species as White Elm, Cottonwood and Black Walnut.  Most are in  the 100 year old range. Staff training begins May 23rd. Call us to climb here, must be booked in advanced.  Looking for a great place to send a kid to camp... this is it!


Located in downtown Simcoe, ON. Come climb the little Sycamore by the river ( now know as Zacchaeus) that started it all, this is the same tree we use for the festival formally known as the friendship festival. ( Now known as The Lynn River Music and Arts Festival.) Come out and try our amazing sport!

Clifton Park

Thanks Norfolk County Community Services for the use of the park.

Pelee Island

July long weekend 2017

Pelee island is the southernmost point in Canada. We have been invited out to provide some eco-tourism fun. Come and visit us at this great location. Stay tuned for updates!

Full moon

Climb in the light of the moon

These climbs will be opened for 3 participants only!  So book early to avoid disappointment. These climbs will open your senses to the sounds and smells of nature. Prepare to be amazed!  We will supply the additional headlamps and all the safety gear. You will climb with the use of a ropes into the canopy of a large tree, where you will enjoy the stillness of the night!  This adventure includes a short hike approx. 10 min. to the location.

Tentative dates: Feb. 11th, 2017 (lunar eclipse), March 12th, 2017, June 10th, 2017, July 8th, 2017, November 4th, 2017 and December 2nd, 2017

Location: TBA  (please call ahead for details)

Come and visit us at...

The Lynn River music & arts festival in Simcoe, Ontario on August 5, 6, 7, 2017.

This will be are fourth year at this festival and we are hoping for great weather and to see all you tree climbing fans again. Festival fees will apply. This festival use to be know as the friendship festival.  Come and hang with us.  Guarantee your climbing spot by booking early online. Hope to see you there!

Tree Climbing Canada 


Gay Lea Dairy Heritage Museum​
48075 Jamestown Line, RR #2
Aylmer, ON. N5H 2R2
Located in Copenhagen, just south of Aylmer