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Come and experience an adventure in the treetops. Give us a call / text / e-mail, we have a course, program, party and adventures for you.


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"Tap into your inner child and climb trees you never thought imaginable in an exciting yet safe way with us. This is a unique way to enjoy nature and challenge yourself while taking in incredible views only seen by birds and animals."

our tree climbing events are created by appointment only. Appointments must be made at least 3 days in advance.

What is Recreational Tree Climbing?

Recreational Tree Climbing is the future of outdoor adventure.

 This is a challenge by choice adventure, as you decide how high you want to climb.

Recreational Tree Climbing (RTC) gets kids, youth, adults, couples, families off the ground and into the canopy, where they enjoy the views of the surrounding landscape, nature, wildlife, breezes, and more. Lie in hammocks, swing in tree chairs and learn to surf branches as you meet other adventurous people.

Spend time reconnecting with yourself and nature!

For all TREE CLIMBING CANADA climbs, when you arrive, the instructors/ facilitators will have all the ropes set and tied. You will be taught how to move the knots in sequence to ascend and descend safely. You will be secured into a safety harness and wear a helmet.

RTC is done using saddles, helmets and arborist rope which has been doubled over a suitable anchor point in the tree. This gives the climber a 2 to 1 strength advantage compared to climbing a single rope. Connecting hitches and knots are tied in one end of the rope allowing the climber to ascend and descend safely and easily.

We protect the bark from the sliding action of the rope by using cambium-saving devices.

Once aloft, climbers can do many things. They can walk along branches (always on rope), swing from branches or hang upside down. They might rest on branches or in sky chairs or tree boats (hammocks specially made for tree climbers), make observations as part of a class activity, or simply explore, look, and enjoy.

Don't miss out on your next great adventure!


Learn to climb trees all on your own, with a rope and harness.

We  teach you the basics.  After this course you will be able to enter the canopy using a multitude of techniques. You will master approved climbing knots. Learn about gear selection, tree selection...and so much more! See our courses page for more information.


Group climbs are a great way to get large groups off the ground and into the trees! Great for  scouting organizations, day camps and birthday parties. e.t.c.  Special pricing is included for groups of 8 or more.  These sessions tend to be a lot of fun!  Pricing  starts at $30/ person. Gives each person a 1 hour climb. Prices may vary. Or you can hire us for the day or event. Please contact for more information.


Private climbs take place at  your chosen location.  Include an introduction to tree climbing, with one on one instruction. Your learning curve  is greatly  enhanced. You will be getting into the trees all on your own, sooner then you think.  Pricing for individuals starts at $45- $60/person for a 1 1/2 - 2 hour session.



 Tree Climbing Canada appears at many festivals  over the summer months. Have us at your event. We provide  all the required safety equipment, including helmet, harness and arborist approved rope. The ropes will be set and ready to climb. Participants will be given a  safety talk,  and shown how to ascend and descend.  Let the fun begin! Festival fees usually work out to  $15/person/ 30min. session.

Recreational Tree Climbing is an exciting experience in nature.

Tree Climbing Canada 

 TCI has written safety and training rules that have become standard for recreational tree climbers. Many of TCI protocols have been adopted by tree climbing schools around the world. TCI practices have made it possible for tens of thousands of people to adventure high in the treetops without injuring themselves or the trees being climbed. In fact, to this date there has never been an injury where climbers use TCI techniques and safety protocols for recreational tree climbing activities. Tree Climbing Canada proudly follows these practices and standards.

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